What is the TWI?

The Plan

The goal of the Toledo Waterways Initiative (TWI) is to clean our waterways and reduce sewage overflows through wastewater storage, sewer separation and improved wastewater treatment. These solutions involve over 45 separate projects encompassing 48 square miles over the course of 18 years, at a total cost of $521 million.

Among the major projects completed or planned:

Improvements to the Bay View Wastewater Treatment Plant to increase wet-weather capacity and storage to prevent overflows during storms. There have been no overflows since the improvements were completed in 2006.

  • 11 major projects
  • $135 million

Elimination of sanitary sewer discharges at key locations, including Arlington Avenue, Detroit Avenue, Fernhill Road, Heatherdowns Boulevard, Parkside Boulevard, Point Place and River Road.

  • 8 major projects
  • $71 million

Development and implementation of a long-term control plan for combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

  • 26 major projects
  • $315 million*

* The $315 million cost for CSO reduction is based on 2005 dollars and includes estimated costs for a significant number of projects.

Program Progress

78% Complete
Started in 2002
Completed in 2020

The Toledo Waterways Initiative (TWI) program encompasses more than 45 separate projects over the course of 18 years, at a total estimated cost of $521 million. This bar shows how close this program is to completion.